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    I just picked up a Savage in .338, given the cost of this ammo, Im hoping reloading will save me some coin. I have never reloaded but would like to learn. Is there anyone here who currently reloads this round or who is willing to teach me to do it myself. I have no problem investing in needed equipment. Thank you in advance for your time.

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    good questions. I do not reload that round, maybe someone else here can help.
    if not try or
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    Looks like a lot of info in those forums, thanks for the link.

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    I don't reload that caliber, but I do reload quite a few others. If you're in the SW Iowa area I'd be happy to show you the steps and what items you would need to get a good start into the process, and if you get some dies and components you are welcome to use my press to put some together.

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    Thank You for the kind offer SVT. I live in NE iowa.
    Ive gotten a ton of great advice on the forum admin posted above. Really a great group of folks. If you or anyone else who reloads or is interested, its worth checking out.

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