Ok, it's time.
If you haven't been involved, then it's time you do. If you have been involved, then it's time to continue what you have been doing.

The anti-gunners have been there EVERY day whining into the ears of YOUR representatives. Just yesterday you all were accused of being dangerous neighbors just because you have a purchase or carry permit...

We need as many pro-gun citizens to contact their state senators ASAP. Call, Email, write a letter, attend a town hall meeting.

HF517 will likely go to vote sometime next week.

HF517 passed the Senate Judiciary committee 10-2. Only No votes came from Senators Nate Boulton and Janet Peterson.

Time for another round of emails! https://www.votervoice.net/IFC/campaigns/50721/respond

This bill includes:
Stand Your Ground
Short Barrel rifles and shotguns
Youth shooting
Permit Privacy
ATV carry cleanup
Hunter Safety Course = valid Permit to Carry training
Preemption clarification
Creates immunity from noise pollution lawsuits for target shooters in rural areas
and MORE!