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Thread: Controlled Chaos Arms Firearms Training

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    Controlled Chaos Arms Firearms Training

    Hello Fellow Iowans

    My name is Rick Largesse and I am the Training Director for Controlled Chaos Arms. We are headquartered out of Baxter, IA and offer firearms training courses for civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel. Here is a link to my website which contains a list or courses offered, as well as a biography of myself and my other instructor. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to seeing all of you on the range!

    Links to AARs

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    I signed up for the Shotgun 1 class today. Check and application are in the mail.

    I'm looking forward to a sunny day in August burning up ammo.
    "The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight." -- Theodore Roosevelt

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    I saw that there is an edged weapon defense class in pleasant hill this weekend.. The wife unit even wants to go, but we made some unbreakable plans already...

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    Shotgun Class 1 info:
    Aug 20th at Brownell's Searsboro range.
    300-400 rounds of birdshot.
    50 rounds of buckshot
    50 rounds of slugs.
    $150 for the class, $20 range fee.
    8am to 5pm
    "The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight." -- Theodore Roosevelt

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    We have strong feelings about the professionalism and the knowledge of our staff. We highly recommend before you invest in your training that you fully research the individuals directly providing the training. Compare wisely before you invest and you'll be making a good decision for yourself. Our staff is first rate and we guarantee our results.

    Our training staff are both SWAT. We don't have a list of trainers a mile long. What we have are the real men, doing the real work, training and working daily in the profession. Among them both they hold the following well deserved accreditations and list of achievements:

    -ILEA Graduate (Iowa Law Enforcement Academy)
    -ILEA Defensive Tactics Instructor
    -ILEA Pistol Instructor
    -ILEA Rifle Instructor
    -ILEA Shotgun Instructor
    -ILEA Sub Machine Gun Instructor
    -Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar
    -RIPP Restraints, Inc. Sudden In Custody Death Instructor
    -Hazardous Materials First Responder Certification
    -Institute of Police Technology and Management Report Writing for Law Enforcement -Instructor NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Nationally Certified)
    -Glock Armorer Certified -Glock Instructor's Workshop
    -Armor Holdings Training Division Ballistic Shield Operator School
    -DESERT SNOW Advanced Highway Drug Interdiction School (commercial and passenger vehicles)
    -LEIN (Law Enforcement Intelligence Network) Surveillance Training
    -ILEA Advanced Highway Drug Interdiction School
    -Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle Operator Course
    -Hechler & Koch, Inc. Armorer Certification MP-5 variants and G36 machine gun
    -Iowa Department of Motor Vehicle Enforcement Detection of Identification Fraud School
    -National Tactical Officers Association Tactical Leadership School
    -Bushido Tactical/ILEA Submachine Gun Instructor Certification
    -Louisiana State University Weapons of Mass Destruction Tactical Operations School
    -Louisiana State University Weapons of Mass Destruction Commanders Course
    -Metro STAR .223 Basic Rifle Certification / NRA Sharpshooter Qualification
    -IAFF Hazardous Materials for First Responders Technician Certification
    -Louisiana State University Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Tactical Operations School
    -FEMA IS-00700 National Incident Management Systems School
    -Midwest Gang Investigators Assoc. /U.S. Attorney's Office Northern and Southern Districts -Gang Identification School
    -New Mexico Technical Institute/Energetic Materials Research Center Prevention and -Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents Instructor
    -FEMA IS-00800.A National Response Plan (NRP)
    -FEMA IS-00275 Role of Emergency Operations Center In Community Preparedness
    -FEMA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Course
    -National Tactical Officers Association Armored Tactical Rescue Vehicle Operations Course
    -ILEA Law Enforcement Defensive Officer Duty Knife Instructor Certification
    -International Association Of Fire Fighters Hazmat Refresher
    -Dave Harrington "Martial Gun"
    -International Association of Fire Fighters Hazmat Refresher
    -ILEA Iowa Code Chapt. 80D and 5011AC10 Certified to Instruct Reserve Peace Officers in the following areas (Domestic Abuse, Collision Scene Control, Motor Vehicle Law, Traffic Direction, Recognizing Impairment, Patrol Techniques, and Felony Calls for service)
    -Pearson-Radli & Associates Hostage Negotiations Training
    -New Mexico Technical Institute Medical Preparedness and Response for Bombing Incidents
    -Colt Defense M16/AR-15 Armorer School
    -Magpul Dynamics Hyper Violent Weapon Manipulation Advanced Carbine Course
    -FEMA WMD Crime Scene Management for Emergency Responders Course
    -FEMA Command and WMD Response Course
    -Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA) WMD Technical Emergency Response Training (Biological/Chemical Weapons Course Certification by the Force Science Institute as an Expert in Human Dynamics in High Stress, Use of Force Encounters)
    -Larry Vickers (Vickers Tactical) Tactical Pistol I
    -NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor School (Nationally Certified Instructor)
    -Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman Seminars "The Bulletproof Mind", "Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill", and "On Killing"
    -Mr. John Guidick Seminar (Author of Terror At Beslan) After Action Briefing of the Beslan, Russia School Seige
    -U.S. Department of Homeland Security Weapons of Mass Destruction Radiological/Nuclear Awareness Instructor
    -U.S. Department of Homeland Security Weapons of Mass Destruction Radiological/Nuclear Hazardous Materials Technicians Course
    -Larry Vickers (Vickers Tactical) Tactical Carbine I Course
    -Recognized as a Regionally Endorced Instructor of the Vickers Shooting Method
    -Pat McNamera (TMACS Inc.) Tactical Application of Practical Shooting
    -National Rifle Association Life Membership

    Additionally, our instructors are trained in:

    Rapelling, Mechanical Breaching, Low Light/No Light Tacitics NVGs, SCUBA, Behavior Analysis/Recognition, Distraction Devices, Dignitary Protection, Less Lethal Munitions, Force on Force, Simmunition, among many other skills.

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