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First IDPA match of the season!

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Our local club, Black Hawk Pistol Club, held their first match of the season on Sunday 4/24/16.

Weather cooperated on Sunday and we ended up with a decent day to shoot. With all the rain we had the previous week I was concerned the range would be too muddy for a match. We had to limit our stages to bay's 1 and 2 and Cedar Valley Pistol Club due to poor range conditions in bays 3,4, and 5.

My bro and I were the match directors and the safety officers for Sunday's match. We came up with 4 stages that were easy to modify from the stage diagrams. 60 for a round count to start the year off. Judging by all the new faces I would estimate that half the shooters were new to IDPA or were second time shooters.

I shot my S&W M&P Pro 9mm Core with a Leupold DeltaPoint optic in the NFC division. I will be using this pistol for most of the season as it is good practice for the 3-gun matches I plan on attending.

We got some videos that are posted in the BHPC IDPA forum. I did get a video of my stage 4, looks like I need to work on my reloads to speed them up.

Here is stage 3

We are off to 3-gun this weekend if the weather cooperates.
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