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Thread: Yes, we HAVE PUMPKINS!! = ZOMBIE CULL, October 30, 10am

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    Yes, we HAVE PUMPKINS!! = ZOMBIE CULL, October 30, 10am


    it's official now, Jackie & Bill Stephanopoulos found us a boatload of pumpkins, so we should have ample opportunity to apply your various skills accordingly.

    In the interest of the occasion, knowing that some folks may want to dress like cowboys etc., we're putting together some scenarios which will be revolver-friendly! The plan is to have multiple courses of fire in each bay, allowing for a high total round count with minimal re-loading.

    As always, you can pick and choose which gun to use for each course of fire.

    Invite your friends & family!

    Since we may have some new folks attending, I'm goning to include some basics about safety & rules, as follows:
    1) ATTITUDE of "Safety":
    - we run a COLD range. NO EXCEPTIONS (more below)
    - your SO is boss of your squad (holder of the blue box).
    - YOU should also be safety conscious, shout "STOP" if anything looks unsafe.
    - follow the NRA rules for gun safety:
    * ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    (no more than 90 deg from the forward berm)... verbal cue for infractions is "Muzzle!"
    * ALWAYS keep you finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
    (finger ON frame unless pulling the trigger)... verbal cue for infractions is "Finger!"
    * ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded till ready to use.
    "use" on our range is ONLY when it's your turn at the firing line, step-up and the SO will verbally direct each step of the loading & unloading process. There is NO hurry, go step by step as directed. Otherwise ALL guns are UNLOADED at ALL times! Those directions will be this:
    - The range is going HOT! Eyes and ears!
    - Shooter LOAD and make ready.
    - Any questions? ...Stand by!
    **shooter will run the course as directed, then stop and wait for SO directions.**
    - If you are finished shooting, unload and show clear. (SO will visually inspect to verify 'clear')
    - Slide forward (or other command appropriate to the firearm)
    - Hammer down (point the firearm at the North berm and pull the trigger)
    - you MAY load mags anywhere & stow them on your body.
    - guns NEVER leave holsters, shoulders, or case except at "gun-handling" bench, and NO LIVE AMMO at this bench.

    2) Be a TEAM PLAYER:
    - EVERYONE can help, no exceptions, if you can shoot then there is a job for you.
    (scoring, pasting, brass-picking, target reset, set-up & tear-down).
    - Expect to meet shooters of varying skill levels, from newbs to experts. Be willing to teach when necessary and always be willing to learn (we DON'T know what we don't know).
    - visually review the course before each shooter (SO's can't see everything), shout if you see a hole to paste or a target not reset.

    3) Be PREPARED:
    - pay attention to your squad roster, have your gear READY when it's your turn.
    - if any MEDICAL SITUATIONS arise, we have a plan:
    * STOP all action, in all squads, till the situation is assessed & under control.
    * call the designated FIRST AID tech to the scene.
    * acquire the FIRST AID kit, needed or not.
    * if necessary the designated 911 caller contacts dispatch: "a training accident...".
    * if an ambulance is called, the designated runner will meet them at the gate.
    * an SO will safely remove any loaded firearm from the scene & render it safe.
    * stay back & let folks work.
    regarding GUNS & GEAR...
    Zombie Culls give us a chance to play IDPA style games without all the limitations imposed by the national standards. Here at the culls we simply "run what ya brung". The range itself has some limits, like no .50 BMG, no full-auto or bump-fire style guns, but otherwise, run it!

    Got big magazines with huge capacity? Bring it!

    Got tricked-out race-guns or seven pounds of tactical gear on your AR platform? Bring it!

    We expect folks to wear eye & ear protection, but apart from that it's your call. Wanna dress like a zombie? Gear-up like an operator? Show up in your duty belt or SWAT rig? Bring it!

    ...and bring friends!

    Stay prepared!

    from kelly's email blast

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    Where is this at?

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    The Ike's in Peosta, Where the guys from Dubuque come from.

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