We will again have two side matches following the main match and awards. You may shoot the side matches as many times as you like but the first run is for awards. Bring lots of ammo.

This time they will be:

ZOMBIE SHOTGUN SPEED RUN: This will require any type shotgun and five rounds of shotgun ammo. (7-1/2 or smaller LEAD SHOT only please.) You will have five rounds to knock down five targets. Fastest Zombie Hunter Wins. We will have appropriate Classes for the different types of shotguns.

THE 5030 CHALLENGE: This side match honors fallen officer Sgt. Tony Beminio. You may use any Zombie Match Firearm and you must have at least two 10 shot magazines. You will fire two rounds of 20 shots for a total of 40 shots fired. One magazine change is required for each 20 shot string. This is scored by time and accuracy. Best score wins. There will be appropriate Classes for different types of firearms.

Go to goddardcowboys.com and click on ZOMBIES for complete information about Zombie Outbreak 16.